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Pleasuredome -
The Hottest Night Out Since 1984



“Pleasuredome is the best show of 2017” (NewsHub)

Due to overwhelming demand, the season of Pleasuredome The Musical has been extended twice and is now running up until December 23rd!!

This isn’t just ANY musical..

“It’s utterly immersive and utterly impressive” (NZ Herald) 

Once you’ve checked in at the Pleasuredome venue in Avondale, just 10 minutes from Auckland's CBD, you’ll be transported to not only a different place - but a totally different time! Walk through the subway and find yourself on a New York City street where hot-dog vendors, fully functional bars and photo opportunities atop 1980’s Police Cars await. Get here early, check out the fashion, indulge your tastebuds and cheers to the good times as you get in the zone to strut your stuff all the way back to 1984!

“Courageous extravaganza of a show that is hugely enjoyable” (TheatreView)

At approximately 8pm, venture into Pleasuredome, the underground nightclub where inhibitions come second to fun - and the place where the musical really begins. Lucy Lawless plays ‘Sappho’, the club owner who is nursing a cocaine habit, falling in love unexpectedly and trying to stop the place that represents pride, acceptance and freedom from being demolished. Sit back and relax - or don’t and dance as some of the best drag queens, dancers and voices bring the story of love, passion and doing what’s right to life through the best hits of the 80’s.

“Everyone was on their feet having a party” (NewsHub)

With an A-list cast, including Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess, Moses McKay (Sole Mio), Ashleigh Taylor (Wicked) and Vince Harder (The Lion King), plus 20 of New Zealand’s best dancers and drag queens - this kind of party hasn’t been thrown for decades!

“Just when you think the experience is over, think again!” (NewsHub)

Before the show, during the interval and after the musical wraps up, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the street-scape, bear witness to the happenings and uncover the delights of everything on offer. Keep up to date with theme nights, costume competitions,  announcements and 

This isn’t solely a musical - it's a time warping, booty-moving, sensory assaulting entertainment experience!

After the musical on Fridays and Saturdays, the street will become a full block party as a DJ exchanges song requests for dance moves; however, you don’t need a DJ to keep the Pleasuredome vibe alive! Just don your 80’s best and gather your crew because every night the Pleasuredome streetscape stays open until late, and how you embrace it is up to you - at the discretion of the NYPD, of course.

“Words don’t do Pleasuredome justice” (NewsHub)

Get to Pleasuredome, revel in the debauchery - and experience this NZ first for yourself!

Limited season, tickets selling fast - secure your spot now! 


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