PleasureDome New York Scene


Getting here is easy. Here are a few ways.

Hail a Cab

We have a taxi rank all set up which makes it super easy to get here and back again.

Cruise in an Uber

Our friends at Uber have offered a special promo of $15 off. After purchasing your tickets your unique code will be sent to you in the days before the show with an information pack.

Catch a Bus

Here is the link to the bus stop just around the corner.

Auckland Transport

Park your car

Limited parking is available on and near the site upon purchasing your tickets.

Crossing the Road

Patiki road is a busy road! Please take care at any crossing point. We will have some pedestrian signage up during event hours.


We are in a secret site specific location on Patiki Road, when you purchase your tickets the exact address will be included.